Hamburg Edition


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You probably know that Hamburg is the 2nd largest city in Germany after Berlin, but I bet you didn’t know that they’re second in having their own edition after Berlin too! From the five senses, to the Jackson five, one can’t deny that all good things come in 5’s. Jenny, Leni, Charlotte, Janique, and Bella are 5 Hamburg squaddies each with a different story. Since 2014, Jenny, aka “Changeable Style”, appeared on the blogging scene of lifestyle and fashion. The lines running along her marble case are a metaphor for life, how our lives can cross along different paths. Marlene, or rather “Leni”, feels a deep connection towards the ocean and the state of bliss it gives her. Therefore, she wants to share the beauty she sees in the sea through her case design. Charlotte has got a “wild” side, she lives by the motto of “letting your creativity run free and wild”, hence the jungle-like case design. Janique is quite the stylish, playful and sharp girl. She spent a year and a half in America and fell in love with it. Look carefully, this can be spotted in her phone case design, portraying her craze for travel, freedom, and pink! Bella’s two prized possessions are her phone and lipstick. She merged them together