I can very well remember, at 11-years old, a boy screamed cellulite after me at the swimming pool. So loud that everyone could hear it. Strong thighs run in my family - everyone has them. I have cursed them so many times! I can also recall times when I tried to look like the famous girls and women and reading in the magazine articles about who had gained weight and who was way too thin. So influenced. Even now I get comments telling me what isn’t good or pretty about me. I know what that feels like to not feel good and want to look like all those perfect women. For years I didn’t wear shorts for that reason - no matter how warm the weather got. I hated summer! But the thing is, these “perfect” woman doesn’t look like this in real life. It is Photoshop, Facetune, and angles at which the picture has been taken, that provides us with a false reality.  Weight loss programs and the pressure from social media give us the rest. It is time we look beyond the facade and all the insults - especially the ones we've given to our bodies before - and show them!

In June, this year, a young man wrote me on Instagram about how I have such crazy buffalo-hips aka Büffelhüfte. It is insane that this remark got the ball rolling. He wasn’t the first whom has stated his opinion about my figure. But this was the icing on the cake. Videos followed in which I showed my in-between-body with the “Büffelhüfte“ and tried on jeans - size 40/42. So what? That is perfectly fine! Büffelhüfte stands for all those negative comments, for body-shaming and what we make from that. Büffelhüfte means that we kick body-shamers and inner demons in the butt and we turn the tables on them with humor. These jewelry pieces are simple and subtle as is my style. But it’s not boring! Some pieces have a moonstone incorporated. It is the stone that alleviates gynecological problems according to the ancient Greeks and Romans. I find this to be very fitting because I don't know a single woman who isn’t dissatisfied with her body. Get the Büffelhüfte-power and share with the hashtag #Büffelhüfte. I'm looking forward to a lot of #büffelpower!