Awakened Eye


Intuition, Clarity, and Truth form a strong Trinity foundation for our Awakening to our greatest potential - to live from our heart, in alignment with what we are truly meant to be.

The pieces in this collection were designed to help us remember our truth in a world of confusion which is constantly trying to tell us who we should be. We get sucked into images on a screen and feel like we're not good enough. Many of us have forgotten our own worth and don't see our own real beauty anymore due to all the ideals around us. Wearing conscious jewelry can help us snap back into our truth and remember that none of the disbelief in ourselves is real. The only thing that is real is the love in our hearts that connects all of us. The separation between us and others is the greatest illusion ever presented to humanity. We're here to transcend these old stories. We are the generation that wakes up from this collective dream which keeps us caged in a hamster wheel. We remember our power to live a sovereign and autonomous life. We choose to remember our own greatness in the realm of amnesia. This awareness will help us lift the veil of illusions to see the world through Awakened Eyes.