Find Your Shape


From the age of 6, I thought of myself as a teacher. I was a good student and easily become a teacher. Once I started teaching I knew it wasn't my place and that I was meant for something different. Now I know YouTube is my place. I am so grateful that I want everybody to find theirs! This is the reason why I called my collection "Find Your Shape" and I think the accessories you wear can have a good influence on you!.

So with this collection I wanted to do something that you can keep forever, So I made my best to create this collection which is hand made with good quality gold and silver but keeping the price at minimum because I want to give you something very special that you can keep forever or that you can gift someone! It’s not easy to find high-quality jewelry at this price so I hope you can appreciate my collection and I will repost all your pictures with my collection in my Instagram stories!