Fortune Teller


Everyone knows Tarot. It is by far the most famous spiritual card game in the world. For some people, probably the only one they know. As a little girl, I had a total fascination for anything mystical and supernatural. Spellbooks, crystal balls and tarot cards were the most exciting and coolest things in the world to me. So it was pretty much a no-brainer putting these beautiful, mysterious cards in one of my collections!

The tarot card set consists of 78 cards and the deck is divided into the major and the minor arcana. The 6 cards in my collection are all from the major arcana. Arkana comes from the Latin (Arcanum) and stands for mystery. it is derived from Arca, which means box (what lies in a box, is invisible from the outside and therefore secret). At that time, I found tarot cards to be something supernatural that witches and fortune tellers use, today I simply love the cards for their strength in psychological and spiritual analysis power. And it doesn't hurt that they are so pretty to look at!