Gypsy Girl

In the movie "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" there is a scene in which Quasimodo is tied on a pedestal at a folk festival. The cruel audience cheers with excitement, injures him and throws rotten fruit. When Esmeralda realizes the cruelty, she joins Quasimodo on stage and apologizes for what has been done to him. She defies the leader's commands by saying, "You want to be righteous? You are mistreating those who need your help the most. JUSTICE!" As the story continues she hands Quasimodo a necklace that represents a secret card. She says, "Should you ever need help, it will guide you the way." The necklace is a secret card to the Yard of Miracles, the former secret hiding place of the Gypsies in Paris. The pieces in my collection symbolize a decision: the decision to stand up for those who have no voice. We live in a world full of beauty, but also full of cruelty and intolerance. Anyone wearing a piece from the Esmeralda collection remembers to stand up for those who need help every day. Animals, children, refugees, and other creatures that, for some unknown reason, are not accepted by society as they are. For these people I want to be an Esmeralda. And I know for sure there are a lot more Esmeraldas out there willing to lend their voices. That this jewelry will always remind you that love and compassion are the key to everything. Thank you for being an Esmeralda. In love, Jacko.