Taylor LaShae’s favourites

These handpicked pieces speak volumes by speaking in whispers. This silver collection is the exact definition of where simplicity meets classic-chic but the word that most used describe them is — timeless. You have your classic jewelry with a little curvature detail to the plate that makes them ever so ‘everyday wear’  yet specifically unique at the very same time.

Why I chose these pieces:
The reason I chose these pieces in particular is because of how slender they are. They are perfectly dainty and right now, silver is my go to jewelry plate. I especially love that they are just not round.. for instance. The rings are not just silver.. they have a shape that is kinked on the sides that give it that extra ‘umpff.’ My favorite necklace is the ‘zodiac - leo’ one.. it isn’t really in your face with the zodiac cliche ness that you see out there now. It is very subtle and that’s one of my favorite parts about it. Another all time favorite of mine is the ‘letter pinky ring’ where you can engraved  letter into it. I personally chose the letter ‘a’ to represent my best friend, Ariel back in Los Angeles. I miss her all the time and its something I wear everyday to remind myself of her ♥ 

How to layer:
In my personal opinion about layering — ‘the more the better’.
I am a layering and a stacks kind of girl.. i will add rings on rings on rings and 5 necklaces all in different sizes, just because thats just how i prefer the style to be; very decked out, simply because the fact these pieces are very small and pretty that it is NOT over doing it by over doing it.