Friends that travel together, stay together.

Travelling is good, travelling with your BFF is even better! There is nothing quite like exploring new places and going on adventures with your best friend - that person you trust, that person you can be 100% yourself with. This is exactly what inspired Luísa and Phiaka to create their first co-design jewellery collection - the Wanderlust Collection!

Luísa and Phiaka are not only BFF goals and partners-in-crime, but they’re also big travel enthusiasts! They’ve travelled the world together - New York, Ibiza, you name it - and are not planning on stopping anytime soon.

Travel together in style with the Wanderlust pieces and after you land, let them be the perfect reminder of your BFF and the great times you spent together. Almost like a souvenir of your beautiful friendship.

The Wanderlust Collection - made with love by Luísa Lión and Phiaka!