What does womanhood mean to us? To have a choice, to fight for what we believe in or to choose our own path in life? We feel that the beauty of this word is that there is not one static definition. It is something unique and personal to each of us. A part of our history and our view of the world. One thing is certain, we need to celebrate the beautiful and strong and females around us. Not just on special occasions but every single day. Empower, appreciate and thank these women for providing us with care, a rich history that shows that power can be found in unity and most of all, thank them for their ability to help us grow. With the Womanhood Collection, we are paying homage to not only the female body with this design but we also want to allow ourselves to claim our very own definition of what it means to be a woman. Yours to claim, and your tale to tell. We stand together. We are women.