Product Care

Product care

What is your jewelry made of?

Unless otherwise indicated, all our jewelry is made from 925-sterling silver. This material is free of nickel. 

Depending on the color, the jewelry is plated differently:


Unless otherwise indicated, we use rhodium for all our silver pieces. Rhodium belongs to the platinum metals and is one of the most expensive precious metals. Since it is very inert, it prevents tarnishing of the silver. In addition, it reduces the scratching by its hardness and gives a special shine.

Yellow gold & rose gold:

Unless otherwise indicated, our silver will be gold plated in several work steps with an extra thick layer of 2-3 microns - either with 18 or 24-carat gold.

Does your jewelry contain nickel?

No! Our jewelry is guaranteed to be free from nickel.

Will my jewelry change over time?

It is in the nature of materials that they change with time and is therefore absolutely normal.

925-sterling silver is a rather soft material, which can of course scratch or deform under strong external influences. This is not a sign of poor quality but simply the property of the material.

Silver reacts constantly with components of the air, which can lead to oxidation (tarnish).

Although both rhodium plating and gold plating prevent tarnishing, they can be eroded over time.

How long does the rhodium plating or gold plating last?

Our gold plated jewelry will be covered in multiple steps with a layer thickness of 2-3 micron. This makes the gold last for a long time. Although it is very difficult to say and depends heavily on your own wearing behavior. With every touch or rubbing on the skin or objects (e.g., tabletops, door handles, etc.) and especially scratches, a small amount of material is always removed. So it can last for many years or, given a high level of stress, only a short time. But don’t worry, it sounds more dramatic than it is! If you pay attention to a few things, you can delay that for a very long time. And if something happens, you can go to any goldsmith to get your jewelry repolished and replated.

How do I properly care for my jewelry?

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Do not wear your jewelry while showering, bathing or swimming. Shower gels/shampoos, chlorine and salt water will attack the material.

Some of our stones are glued - contact with water can cause the glue to peel off and the stone to fall out.

  • Avoid contact with creams, hair sprays, perfumes, and make-up.
  • Take off the piece of jewelry before going to sleep. Sweat can make the jewelry tarnish faster.
  • Silver is by nature a very soft material. To avoid scratching too fast and rubbing off the plating, ke ep it away from hard surfaces and objects. For example, remove the jewelry from handicrafts and always store it individually and not with other jewelry, as this can damage each other.
  • Always keep the jewelry dry (e.g. do not store it in the bathroom, etc.). For daily storage, we recommend our included jewelry box. If you take off your piece of jewelry for a longer period of time, it is recommended to store this airtight. You can do this for example by using a ziplock bag.