Anna Frost Products


I can’t shake off the wonderful idea that part of us was already in our grandmother's body when she was pregnant with our mother. The origin of our life: Our grandmother. The first mother.
In mythology, Gaia is a goddess and the Mother of Earth. Gaia is the one who gives birth to everything; giver of life. Powerful, graceful, loving unconditionally, strong and the uniter of everything - the first mother.
Protective, like a shell, the mother pays attention to her own. Precious pearls that grow up over time - each individual in their own right. That's why the pearl is the central element of my collection.

The "Mother of Pearl" ring is the origin, the heart of my collection and combines all of the pieces into one design. Because like a woman, like a mother, this collection will also grow, change, adapt, and over time grow out; give birth again.

"Grace," the Earcuff, is the first child and also one of the many qualities of a woman, a mother. Named after my daughter, who wants to be a strong role model and who keeps inspiring me, alert and growing.
Let Grace also whisper in your ear; they are your impulse, guiding you.

Gaia is an evolving collection for strong, beautiful and graceful women who want to gift themselves or another woman their own Gaia. The collection is versatile, can be combined or can stand alone. It is a meaningful gift or just a piece of jewelry by itself. Be the woman you needed when you were younger. Be Gaia #iamGaia.